Sailing is not a sport, it's a way of life.

Sailing is not traveling, it's living on a boat whilst the scenery around you changes continuously.


You've come to the homepage of Jan Bruggeman. This site is mainly about ocean sailing, and has been set up to express some of my personal views about ocean sailing, and especially to express my experiences realising some of these

Sailing is my life's vocation. I started at the age of 14, sailing dingies on a very small inland lake. It certainly is no common sport here in Belgium, and this is partly due to the lack of suitable water surfaces. Some very scarce and very small lakes, or the North Sea, rough and cold, and with a dense traffic.

But I went on, became a sailing and windsurfing instructor, and was able to realise my dream: long distance cruising. It's mainly around these projects (old and new) that these pages are built. My first experiences are allready a while ago, and since then I've mainly been busy preparing the new boat for my retirement (which is now going to happen very soon)

I'm also a diving instructor, and I do dare to make some diving stuff myself. Some pages are included to tell this story.

Professionaly I am a software engineer, and I'm joining that to radio ammateur (ham radio) equipment to use on a boat.

I am available for new jobs and challenges. Not sure yet how I will organise them, but I'm interested in:

  • Organising training in network/internet related stuff : apart from the regular subjects I am also interested in Arduino and Raspberry related projects, or of course, sailing related (navigation, communication)
  • yachting related stuff: from teaching/helping you managing your own yacht to convoying yachts from one port to another, or even underwater survey or small jobs. My speciality being long range communications (hf radio, sattelite, ...)

see my personal info to contact me.